Up-Cycled Home Interiors & Gifts

It's a new year and we have some wonderful new lines heading your way in the very near future.....including;

Champagne coasters group shot  Vintage wine label cheeseboards

Champagne Label Coasters and Vintage Wine Label Cheeseboards

Up-Cycled Shirt Cushions

Always keen to up-cycle to the most, we have been working on something for the house…soft furnishings in the form of these wonderful cushions. Made from shirts  each one is different and has had a great deal of attention from our seamstress. Some use all shirt material (front and rear), while some utilize suit lining and other materials we have salvaged from other projects, maximising our re-loved and recycled shirts.  We have mainly used the good old Canadian lumberjack shirts to give that soft warm feel...a little lumberjack chic for those fall and winter days when you just want to lay on the sofa, watch an old movie, with a glass of wine and need something warm and soft to cuddle.

If you have an old shirt or 't-shirt' that bring you fond memories, but you just cannot bring yourself to part with it....we will turn your favourite old shirt into a fabulous cushion that you can use and cherish for years to come. Contact us and we can give you more information.  

Vintage Wooden Coasters

Following the popularity of our up-cycled Market Trug range we continue the re-purposing of wood and introduce our new, ‘Vintage Coasters’. Using pieces of old crates or left over tong-and-groove, we have given each coaster Royal Britannia Trading’s trademark aged ‘vintage’ feel.
These will add a touch of rustic elegance to any table without breaking the bank….a sure to be noticed and commented on by your guests.
The range consists of our Vintage Wine labels, Champagne labels and our ‘Age of Elegance’ coaster.


Vintage Wine Labels
Some years ago, I came into possession of a collection of original wine labels dating back to the1940’s. These were collected by an friend’s relatives, who had traveled Europe and visited some of its' finest vineyards and restaurants.
After visiting a restaurant or vineyard they would keep the bottle of wine and remove the label. They then made notes and documented the wine and meal they had enjoyed – so each of our labels has its’ own romantic story.


Champagne Labels 
A re-working of our glass Champagne coasters, these are a must for the Champagne lover….the impression of the label as it sits on the wood, give a rustic yet sophisticated touch of style. In fact these could be straight off the champagne crate, well…from the days before cardboard boxes.

Age of Elegance
Inspired by our love for a vintage feel, we have taken our inspiration from old posters of the last 100 years. Some well know, some very rare, but all from a bygone era – the ‘Age of Elegance’ when travel was glamorous, and everyone wore hats!
Age of Elegance – Transatlantic Crossing
Classic White (c.1912) and Cunard (c.1937) posters, to the smaller and long lost Donaldson Line (c.1924) and Royal Line offering Bristol to Canada (c.1910-1914) and a very tempting offer of a new life in Canada for a mere $15.00 (c.1929)


Age of Elegance – Canadian Travel

For Canada’s ‘Age of Elegance’ we have started with posters tempting visitors to their cities and Provinces. You and your friends will love the invitation to the opening of Toronto’s Royal York Hotel (c.1929) or historic and gay Montreal (c.1950).

Vintage Glass Candles

After years of making candles in the UK, I was recently reminded of their popularity and got to thinking how to create something very different and special.

Our new Vintage Glass Candle range is the result. Each candle is contained in a piece of exquisite vintage glassware that you will want to keep and enjoy for years to come, or why not start your own unique collection once you have enjoyed these wonderful scents.


There 10 fragrance options plus non-scented:
English Rose Garden – Inspired by our dear friend’s 500 year old cottage garden in England’s Cotswolds. This candle is the scent of the British summertime,light in fall or winter and imagine a warm summers evening.
Lavande du Provence - French Lavender – Those who have lavender in their garden will always love the waft given off by the herb as you brush past it. Here we have been inspired by a visit to Provence, France. With well-known properties that induce relaxation, just light this candle and enjoy
Bacon and Maple Syrup - Pure Canadiana - this is one for dad and comes in a beer glass. We couldn’t decide between bacon and maple syrupas the most Canadian scent, so we put the two together!
Caprese – this subtle scent of tomato with a little basil oil is inspired by a summer lunch in a Florentine Piazza. Whether it’s fond memories of actual visits, or just fantasies, this candle will transport you to ‘La Bella Italia’.
Espresso – We all need our coffee to give us a kick-start in the morning, but this is a classy, more sophisticated way to get your fix. Coffee bean oil makes this a surefire favourite for Java Joes everywhere.
Wimbledon – When it’s the time of year for lawn tennis to turn its’ attention to Wimbledon, it’s also time to reach for the Pimms. Those of you who have already discovered this quintessentially English drink will have noticed that your drink has an abundance of cucumber and mint. These are the basis of our Wimbledon scent – game, set and match!
Gardenia – Traditionally worn in France as a boutonniere by men in their tuxedos, and a favourite in bridal bouquets, this is one of the worlds’ most fragrant and romantic flowers. Light, lie back, and dream of love...
Far East Kitchen – Lemongrass. coriander and lime are the evocative scents of The Orient. Pour a cocktail, light this candle and imagine you are at Raffles in Singapore or on a slow boat to China.
Key Lime - Evoking Hemingway, Key West and Margaritas, this fragrance is made from the highest quality lime essential oil. Light - it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!
Cathedral City – Visit the famous cathedrals of England such as Canterbury or Wells and you will notice a distinctive smell. It’s a musky oldness that is hundreds of years old. Here we have re-create that smell, we use a woody base, but the combination is our secret.
Non-scented – Speaks for itself


Market Trug Range

The range is based on traditional market trug boxes. Up-cycled wood has been given our special 'vintage' treatment to add a touch of traditional country to your cottage, house or condo.As always with our items, they are made by us, with love and care.

Taking the lead in the range is the Market Trug Box. Sturdy and strong with multiple uses - condiments, garden
tools or simply an attractive item for the kitchen. Whatever you use yours for….we are sure you will enjoy it.

(below is  a little history of the trug box).


 Market Trug Box

Long before cardboard and plastic existed, trug boxes were used in markets and at docksides of London and Paris. They needed to be strong and tough enough to withstand rough use and a little bashing at the hands of the delivery boys, who took them from the markets to the restaurants and shops in the local area. It was important for the owner of the box to have it returned (or they had to have new ones made)…the answer was to have their names on the box. Each wholesaler, restaurant, shop and store would keep the boxes for collection when they received their next delivery. Immigrant workers brought the idea to North America and the tradition continued.


New look, larger Chip and Dip Platter....

Below we have the new look Chip & Dip Platter. It's bigger than the existing platter and the recesses for the dips have doubled in size and now have a curved look.


Double dishes below are going to be added to our price list in green or clear and dark antique green.