Sneak A Peek

 It's a new year and we have some wonderful new lines heading your way in the very near future.....including;

Champagne coasters group shot  Vintage wine label cheeseboards

Champagne Label Coasters and Vintage Wine Label Cheeseboards


We are pleased to introduce a new element to our up-cycling, in the form of fashion accessories that not only look great but are unique and good for the planet too.

Great gifts for a friend or loved one….not to mention a treat for that person looking for something that is truly unique and a ‘one off’'. Each of the items is made from recycling jackets, shirts, t-shirts and reclaimed seat-belts. Because they are unique, there’s one for everyone – whether it’s the pinstripe version perfect for the office, the classic tweed for the hipster, or the lightweight casual version, choosing just one could be a problem!

Up-Cycled Jacket Bag

We think of recycling and up-cycling as a relatively new idea, but post war Europe had little choice than to ‘make-do and mend’. The de-mob suit was often unfashionable and dated, as a result they were first items to be discarded and used to patch up other items of clothing. While we do not use de-mob suits, we are using a mixture of old suits and tweeds to produce something very different. Each bag is made from a vintage jacket (not mass produced) and uses reclaimed seat-belts or securing strap as the shoulder strap - No two bags are the same. This is something quite different.

As with all our items these bags are made by us at our studio in Canada

 We are pleased to announce our new 'Market Trug Range'.

The range is based on traditional market trug boxes. Up-cycled wood has been given our special 'vintage' treatment to add a touch of traditional country to your cottage, house or condo.As always with our items, they are made by us, with love and care.

Taking the lead in the range is the Market Trug Box. Sturdy and strong with multiple uses - condiments, garden
tools or simply an attractive item for the kitchen. Whatever you use yours for….we are sure you will enjoy it.

(below is  a little history of the trug box).


 Market Trug Box

Market Coat Rail

Market Kitchen Shelf

Long before cardboard and plastic existed, trug boxes were used in markets and at docksides of London and Paris. They needed to be strong and tough enough to withstand rough use and a little bashing at the hands of the delivery boys, who took them from the markets to the restaurants and shops in the local area. It was important for the owner of the box to have it returned (or they had to have new ones made)…the answer was to have their names on the box. Each wholesaler, restaurant, shop and store would keep the boxes for collection when they received their next delivery. Immigrant workers brought the idea to North America and the tradition continued.


New look, larger Chip and Dip Platter....

Below we have the new look Chip & Dip Platter. It's bigger than the existing platter and the recesses for the dips have doubled in size and now have a curved look.


Double dishes below are going to be added to our price list in green or clear and dark antique green.


Our popular Champagne label coasters will be launching soon in Canada and the United States.

Contact us for more details.